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GVT no longer offers the traditional GVTV service. The information below is available to those who are grandfathered into our traditional television service.

Packages, channel lineup, and features listed below are not available to new customers.

Traditional GVTV Channel Lineup

The traditional GVTV channel lineup is available to customers who have been grandfathered into our traditional television service. Updates will not be made after March 1, 2023.

Local Content Channels

All GVT subscribers have access to live community content produced by area students and community members. To view live sporting events and/or other community programming tune in to Channels 30-39 or access the online programming.

Watch GVTV Everywhere

GVTV Everywhere is FREE to all GVTV subscribers—providing you access to stream your favorite programming while on vacation, at the mall, hotel, airport, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Available on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and other devices.

Restart TV

Running a little late and missed the beginning of your show? Try RESTART TV. This free service is included in all traditional GVTV packages and allows you to restart a show already in progress from the beginning. Plus, you can pause, fast forward, and rewind while you’re watching.

Restart TV Instructions

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