Dear Garden Valley,

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you gave me to go to Washington D.C. It was so much fun and I seen so many amazing things! I met so many people and they were all very nice and fun. My group leaders were so nice and made the trip that much more fun! It was so cool to learn about all the people there and how much different they are and how they live but at the same time they are just like you and do the same things you do. My favorite thing to see was all of the war memorials. They were all very nice and people put so much work into them and it shows. I also liked seeing the Arlington Cemetery. Seeing it makes you appreciate all of our veterans and people that fought for where we are today. It is absolutely beautiful and all the work put into it is unbelievable. Capitol Hill was gorgeous and the Library of Congress was so beautiful. The opportunity you gave me was so amazing and I am so unbelievably thankful for it. I had so much fun and met some amazing people and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Thank you again, I appreciate it so much!

Ashlyn Henrickson

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