Garden Valley Technologies has been busy working on the planning and construction of our Warren project since the spring of 2021. On January 3rd, we were able to install service for our first subscriber in the city of Warren. It was an exciting day for Garden Valley Technologies, the City of Warren and Miranda Osborn. Miranda had her GVT Internet service hooked up and became our first official subscriber in the City of Warren at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning. In celebration of the installation, the GVT crew came to Miranda’s home to welcome her as a new GVT member and present her with a small gift of appreciation.

In an interesting twist, this isn’t the first time Miranda has had GVT service. Prior to moving to Warren, she lived in Thief River Falls where she became a GVT member. When she moved into the Thief River Falls community, she asked around about where she should get service. “I heard good things about Garden Valley, so I decided to go with you,” she explained. “And since I never had any issues with my service while I was there, I was hoping I could keep you when I moved to Warren.” Luckily, the timing worked out perfectly, because Miranda closed on her house right before the new year and we were able to get her Internet hooked up just a few days later.  

Garden Valley Technologies is excited to extend its fiber optic networks and offer products and services to residential and business customers located in the city of Warren. We completed the network link to Thief River Falls and much of our buried fiber construction in the city limits including areas to the east and south outside of town late this fall. GVT divided the project up into two zones with an estimated 702 fiber drops for service. Our installers are working hard to get those who have signed up for service hooked up as soon as possible, and we’re currently filling install schedules into February.

If you are located in the city of Warren and interested in getting service, call 800-448-8260 today or visit to sign-up for service and schedule your install.

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