Garden Valley Technologies (GVT) is excited to announce the launch of our increased Internet speeds available May 2023. With these new Internet packages, GVT members will be able to experience faster Internet speeds and improved connectivity, allowing them to stream video, work remotely, utilize Telehealth, and stay connected with loved ones more effortlessly than ever before. All of our packages are symmetrical, meaning that your upload speeds are just as fast as your download speeds, which creates the ultimate Internet experience, especially for high-capacity functions such as video conferencing and gaming.

New Internet Packages:

Why are we making this change?
GVT has been offering a 1 Gig package to our members for seven years. With upgrades in technology, we are now able to offer multi-gig package options of 3 Gig and 6 Gig, which is the future of broadband Internet. The demand for more bandwidth continues to increase to support the multitude of connected devices we rely on within our homes and businesses. The average household now has 25 connected devices, which has doubled over the past two years. Given the amount of Internet-enabled activity happening within homes and businesses, we can anticipate this upward trend to continue into the future—as much as three times the amount of data in the next five years. By making the switch to multi-gig package options now, GVT is poised to meet these needs today and in the future as the bandwidth needs of our members continues to grow.

What does this mean for you?
It means that all our members now have access to faster Internet speeds. Starting with your May invoice:

  • If you subscribed to our 50/50 Mbps package, then you have automatically been upgraded to our new 100/100 Mbps package for the exact same price you are paying now.
  • If you subscribed to our 250/250 Mbps package, then you have automatically been upgraded to our new 500/500 Mbps package, meaning you will have twice the speed with no price increase.
  • If you are on our 1 Gig package, at a cost of $138.95 per month (or $128.95 w/ phone service), you will get the same great symmetrical speed of 1 Gig and your price has decreased to $89.95 per month. That’s a savings of up to $49 every month!

In addition, you also have access to two brand new speeds that have never been available before: a lightning fast 3 Gig package and an extreme 6 Gig package that will enhance your Internet experience like never before.

Interested in increasing your speeds with our new package offerings? Visit for more information about GVT’s services and pricing plans, as well as a simple and straightforward sign-up process. You can also call 800-448-8260 to speak with one of our local, knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Timothy Brinkman
CEO/General Manager

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