Garden Valley Technologies (GVT) continues to demonstrate its commitment to local education through initiatives aimed at enhancing technological literacy, providing financial support, and fostering a dynamic learning environment. From technology grants to scholarship programs and innovative Esports sponsorships, GVT’s involvement in the community reflects a dedication to shaping a brighter future for local students.

Technology Grants for Advancement
In 2022 and 2023, the Garden Valley Education Foundation (GVEF) awarded $5,000 technology grants to schools within GVT’s service area. These grants help schools invest in technology-related services or products that align with their specific needs. Each recipient school submits a detailed proposal outlining how the grant funds will address their unique technological requirements. Timothy Brinkman, CEO/General Manager of GVT, expressed enthusiasm about the widespread interest in the grant process, emphasizing the collaborative opportunity to enhance the educational experience of local students.

Educational Opportunities Beyond Grants
GVT sponsors scholarship programs through The MTA and FRS that provide local students with opportunities to pursue higher education. Additionally, GVT sponsors students to attend the FRS Youth Tour in Washington, D.C., exemplifying a commitment to broadening the horizons of young minds.

Live Broadcasts and Media Club Grants
Garden Valley Technologies actively collaborates with local schools to provide live broadcasts of student-run productions, offering not just broadcasting equipment and technical support, but also a $5,000 media club advisor grant to each of the ten schools. These grants aim to compensate media club/program advisors for their time and provide additional payments to offset the costs associated with broadcasting events.

Over the past year, GVT has witnessed significant improvements in School and Local Content channels. Increased viewership, custom content created by students, advertising opportunities, and student announcers contributing alongside radio broadcasters all contribute to the success of the program. Students and staff have dedicated countless hours to provide families with the opportunity to cheer on their favorite students from the comfort of their homes.

Future Esports Sponsorship Opportunities
GVT has expanded its commitment to technological engagement by becoming the local Esports sponsor for schools interested in starting an Esports program. Currently sponsoring Win-E-Mac, Mahnomen, and Warren-Alvarado-Oslo, GVT’s Esports initiative provides students with the chance to engage in competitive gaming and fostering critical thinking skills. With growing interest from other schools, GVT anticipates the sponsorship opportunities for Esports to expand in 2024, providing even more students with unique opportunities to explore their passion for gaming and technology.

GVT’s approach to supporting local education exemplifies a commitment to nurturing well-rounded, technologically literate students. Through these initiatives, and more, GVT is ensuring that local students have access to diverse opportunities that empower them for a successful future.

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