Garden Valley Technologies (GVT) partnered with Fenworks to support local youth talent and empowerment through Esports.  This beneficial collaboration has changed the gaming landscape for students in the GVT service area, creating new Esports program opportunities and igniting the spirit of competition. 

“Esports offers students an opportunity to engage with technology and build a community across the state of Minnesota. Students are able to develop communication skills and cooperate toward a common goal with their teammates. Students achieve higher levels when they are involved in extracurriculars, and Esports is a great opportunity for students outside of the traditional athletic environment. This program wouldn’t exist without the help of Garden Valley Technologies’ support and sponsorship of these programs that drive the future of technological advancements and interests in our youth.” – Mr.Relling, Esports Coach at Warren-Alvarado-Oslo 

Any school in the GVT service area with an Esports program or an interest in starting an Esports program was eligible for a $3000 sponsorship for the 2022-2023 school year. The sponsorships have provided students with professional jerseys and have helped offset the cost of sustaining high-tech activity programs within the schools. Three schools signed on for the partnership this year: Win-E-Mac, Mahnomen and Warren-Alvarado-Oslo. Several other schools have expressed an interest in the 2023-2024 academic year.  

Fenworks, a pioneering organization active in over 50 schools across North Dakota and Minnesota, has been instrumental in providing a platform for young gamers to showcase their skills. Its Esports league has become a cornerstone for students seeking to engage in friendly battles within high-tech activities. Now, thanks to the generosity of GVT, this program is poised to reach even more students passionate about technology. 

The partnership between Fenworks and GVT is a testament to the potential unlocked when local organizations come together for a common cause. By investing in the future of our youth, this collaboration highlights the role extra curriculars play in shaping well-rounded individuals equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

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