Garden Valley Technologies board of directors were pleased to approve the new expanded local calling area. GVT believes strongly in our communities and this is the perfect way to keep friends and family connected.

Effective July 1, 2019, Garden Valley Technologies will be expanding its local calling area to all landline subscribers. This FREE service will allow you to make unlimited calls within Garden Valley Technologies 26 exchanges, which also includes local cellular numbers.

When making calls in the free expanded local calling areas, simply dial the 7-digit telephone number. Numbers located outside of GVT’s service area, dial 1 + 10-digit telephone number (Long distance charges apply).

This new expanded local calling area will be provided to everyone with a Garden Valley landline at no additional cost.

Garden Valley Technologies is currently working on a new residential unlimited long distance plan that will be available soon for calling outside of our new expanded local calling area.

Existing and new GVT landline subscribers will benefit from the Expanded Local Calling areas starting July 1.

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