Garden Valley Technologies has been awarded a border-to-border broadband grant to provide Internet access in Euclid and rural Thief River Falls, MN

Garden Valley Technologies has been awarded a border-to-border broadband development grant from the State of Minnesota through the DEED Office of Broadband Development. This grant will assist in a broadband build to Euclid and rural northwest Thief River Falls.

Residents and businesses in this area expressed support for GVT’s border-to-border grant application, which gives GVT the opportunity to offer Euclid and rural Thief River Falls Internet access, allowing employees to work from home and their children improved access to homework and educational resources. Euclid leaders agree that the area is in desperate need of fast, reliable Internet service to help the area progress, especially as technology continues to advance around them.

The grant provides the assistance needed to plow state-of-the-art fiber optic cable to the homes in this area allowing access to Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, local phone service and digital video services, which includes over 200 channels.

“This is exciting news and I would like to thank the office of broadband and the State of Minnesota for this grant opportunity,” said Timothy Brinkman, CEO/General Manager at Garden Valley Technologies. “Grants like these make it possible to build out broadband in highly rural environments.”

The border-to-border broadband project for Euclid and rural Thief River Falls will bring service to 126 unserved and underserved locations which include 92 residences, eight businesses, 22 farms and four community institutions. The total project cost of $3,281,444 million will be financed by the $1.6 million Minnesota border-to-border broadband grant and a local match of $1.6 million by Garden Valley Technologies. The project is expected to finish with installation of subscribers in the fall of 2022 and will cover 95 square miles. Residents living in the area will receive communication from GVT on next steps in the project.

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