Garden Valley Technologies (GVT) announced that on May 19th, it will be issuing 19,116 checks to its members, totaling $2,085,917.43 in allocated capital credits. This payout represents 50% of the remaining unpaid capital credits allocated for 2002 and 12% of 2022’s capital credits. Members can expect to receive their checks at the end of May.

Capital credits are one of the many benefits of being a GVT member. As a cooperative, GVT operates at cost, which means that any excess revenues are allocated and retired to members in the form of capital credits. Timothy Brinkman, CEO/General Manager of GVT, said, “As a member-owned cooperative, it’s rewarding to see these dollars go back to people in our local communities. Unlike a private company or corporation, our members earn money back for every dollar they spend with us.”

This payout marks nearly $18-million of capital credits paid out by GVT to its members over the last 15 years. Along with providing residential and business members with advanced integrated communications and technological solutions at competitive rates, GVT believes that the payment of capital credits is another advantage of being part of a member-owned cooperative.

GVT members who have any questions regarding their capital credit payout are encouraged to contact GVT Customer Service at 1-800-448-8260.

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