Garden Valley Technologies, a local Internet service provider whose offices overlook the fairgrounds, has been supplying the Polk County Fairground’s Internet service for many years. Recently, the connectivity needs of the fair have expanded to include electronic ticketing for admission and events, vendors conducting credit card sales transactions, increased software needs, and more. As a result, the fairgoers’ data use has risen dramatically. The fair board needed a new connectivity solution and Garden Valley Technologies offered to configure a more robust wireless network.

Garden Valley Technologies’ CEO/General Manager, Timothy Brinkman, explains “With the high demand of Wi-Fi and limited and overloaded 4G network, we wanted to create a Wi-Fi network that would not only serve the needs of fair staff and vendors, but also the public, so we presented an outdoor SmartBiz Wi-Fi solution.”

To configure the new wireless network, Garden Valley Technologies utilized existing indoor Gigaspire Wi-Fi systems that were already in place on the fairgrounds and connected them to an all-new outdoor network. GVT mounted four outdoor GigaPros in strategic locations throughout the fairgrounds to provide Wi-Fi coverage from the Grandstands to the Midway and beyond. The deployment of this enhanced network not only provides the needed communications infrastructure, but also offers network security and public access to free Wi-Fi through a custom splash page.

When fairgoers arrive at the fair, they will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi by joining the Free GVT Wi-Fi network. There is no password required, just enter a name and email address on the splash page for access. “The ultimate goal was to create a technology-friendly environment for fairgoers and staff that allows people to better communicate,” explains Timothy Brinkman, CEO/General Manager GVT.

In addition to the free Wi-Fi, GVT has been broadcasting 4-H events for the past two years and provides aerial footage of the Midway, which can be viewed on GVT Local Content Channels 30-39. And, this year, GVT is taking it to the next level and bringing a 20ft Gaming Trailer, called the Gaming Lab. This new, state-of-the-art Gaming Lab is equipped with six TVs and gaming consoles and allows up to 12 players to play at a time. We welcome all ages to stop by the GVT Gaming Lab and test their gaming skills for free.

Garden Valley Technologies will be offering a similar solution at the Pennington, Marshall and Clearwater County Fairs in the coming weeks.

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