Call in and let us know what the channel is; we will add it to our customer request list and if enough people request it we might be able to add it.

Yes. It has to be on the same property as the home and construction and other equipment charges may apply; call for details.

We do not require a contract. We do require a 2-year commitment if you select the free installation option, which includes installation of up to 3 TVs, pending approved credit.  Additional TVs would be charged for time and material.

You can put your service on suspend for up to 6 months in a 12-month period; billing automatically restarts after 6 months. You may terminate your service for any period of time if you are not in a commitment, but equipment must be returned to our office and charges would apply to reinstall the equipment and restore service.

Restart TV is a free service that allows you to restart a program from the beginning that has already started. You can restart a program prior to it ending, and even choose to record it from the beginning, if you subscribe to our DVR service.

Restart TV Instructions
  1. Press the guide button on your remote and select your program.
  2. To Restart this program, simply press the green button on your remote while the program is highlighted. Please note: The menu or guide menu needs to be displayed on your screen when you press the green button for Restart TV to work.
  3. Restart TV is also available from the What’s Hot App, indicated by the green Restart icon next to the channel information. Simply, press the green button on your remote to start watching.

Note: Once the program has ended Restart TV is no longer available for that program.

Each programmer commonly has 6 to 10 channels and dictates by contract that we broadcast all of them. We use reports to watch if there are channels that are not watched and work with programmers to reduce rates or drop channels based on these viewership reports.

This is a cost recovery fee for time it takes to make programming changes on a per customer basis.

We provide a remote for each TV that has GVTV service and they are universal, so we can program it to operate all of your television functions.

Yes, with GVTV Everywhere you can stream your favorite programming while on vacation, at the mall, airport, hotel, or anywhere you have an internet connection.  Visit GVTV Everywhere to login and see a list of compatible channels.

Yes, you can on any smart device.

  • Click on My Account, from the top right corner of the page. Then click ‘TV Account’
  • Sign into your account (if you don’t know your login information please call 800-448-8260)
  • This will bring you to your guide where you can record a program away from home.

Occasionally this will happen and unfortunately this is out of GVT’s control as the programming is controlled by the network and its affiliates.

GVT does currently offer PPV events on channel 951 and 1951 (HD). Call Garden Valley Technologies to set up your account.

GVT school and local content channels are available for live streaming from your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Live Stream Community Content can be found HERE.

To enjoy viewing you will need an Internet signal (10 MB or higher is recommended for best performance). You will need to subscribe to at least one GVT service (Internet, phone, GVTV, cellular or security) and register for a GVT E-bill username and password. Your E-bill username and password will be used to access the live streaming and allow you to view your bills online. It is not necessary, or required, that you pay your bill using E-bill in order to view live community content.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 800-448-8260.

Still have questions?

Contact us for additional help.

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