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To our Garden Valley Technologies members,

As a member owned cooperative Garden Valley Technologies takes the safety of our employees, members and region very seriously.  With the recent concerns over COVID-19 and unnecessarily spreading the virus, Garden Valley Technologies is following recommended practice as outlined by the CDC and WHO. We will also continue to assess the progression of COVID-19 reviewing our practice and adjusting our course based on recommendations and will be taking numerous steps to protect our members and employees.

First, we have signed on to the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) Keep Americans Connected Pledge. We understand the importance of keeping members connected as the country experiences serious disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. In order to ensure that our members do not lose their broadband, television (GVTV) or telephone connectivity as a result of these exceptional circumstances, Garden Valley Technologies pledges for the next 60 days to 1) not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic; 2)waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to this pandemic; and 3) continue to provide free community Wi-Fi hotspots at ten area locations to any member who needs them.

Bagley Youth Hockey Arena | 36283 Fairground Rd, Bagley
Clearbrook Community Center | 200 Elm St SW, Clearbrook
Erskine Community Center | 105 Ross Ave, Erskine
Fertile Splash Park & Skating Rink | 400 2nd St SW, Fertile
Fosston Civic Center | 215 1st St E, Fosston
Goodridge Community Center | 201 Osmund Ave N, Goodridge
Grygla Community Center | 127 N Main Ave, Grygla
Mentor Community Center | 202 Garfield Ave N, Mentor
Oklee Senior Center | 301 Main St, Oklee
Red Lake Falls Hockey Arena | 217 Bridge St NW, Red Lake Falls
Winger Community Center | 10 E Minnesota Ave, Winger

Secondly, our dedicated Installation & Repair technicians and our District Representatives spend a majority of their day entering the homes and businesses of our members to complete a variety of duties. For your safety and the safety of our employees we will be limiting these interactions to new service installations and service outages for the next several weeks. We take pride in providing exceptional service to our members so we will do our best to resolve issues remotely. However, there are times where we do need to enter a home to fix a service affecting situation. Depending on the severity of the issue we may ask if we can delay the resolution for a future time when exposure is less likely. Additionally, we request our members to notify us if they are experiencing symptoms that may be related to the COVID-19 virus and have a scheduled service appointment.

The Garden Valley Technology Retail locations are another source of personal interaction between our members and employees. If you have a payment due, we encourage you to call our customer service and billing departments to make a payment with a debit or credit card. If you need to make a cash payment, please feel free to use our drop box at our Erskine location.  All three stores will continue to be open for normal business.

Garden Valley Technologies has no data caps or usage based billing so you can feel secure in utilizing the Internet as your situation requires along with making unlimited free local phone calls to our expanded local calling area. Garden Valley will continue offering top notch services so you can keep connected to your friends, family and businesses.

In addition, GVT members should be mindful of potential scams that may occur. If you receive an unexpected call or visit from someone at your residence claiming to be a representative from GVT please verify they are a GVT representative by calling our office at 800-448-8260.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our website or phone.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Tim Brinkman
CEO/General Manager
Garden Valley Technologies

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