The Garden Valley Technologies Board of Directors voted to extend its fiber optic networks and offer products and services to residential and business customers located in the city of Thief River Falls. GVT Board President Byron Ness stated “GVT is looking forward to expanding and offering services in the city of Thief River Falls. Our planned expansion will complement recent expansion into rural East Thief River Falls, Bejou and Mahnomen territories”.

Garden Valley Technologies is a progressive telecommunications and technology company offering products and services on a reliable fiber optic network. Customers can enjoy Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit, GVTV Video with over 200 channels, Cellular on the most reliable wireless network, Security and Smart Home technology, as well as local Telephone service. In 2018, GVT opened a retail store in Thief River Falls, in the strip mall located at 1517 US Hwy 59 South, providing technology products such as; smart TVs, computers, iPads, headphones, cellular devices, accessories and much more. We encourage you to stop by the store and check out the interactive security and smart wall.

We recommend signing up now to have your home prewired and ready for installation. Once the network construction is complete, we will begin contacting prewired customers to make an appointment for installation. GVT plans to begin our fiber network construction in the spring to all homes and businesses within the city limits. Interested in signing up for services? Simply, go to, stop by our retail store, or call Garden Valley Technologies at 800-448-8260. The knowledgeable and friendly employees at GVT are ready to answer any questions you may have and are looking forward to providing TRF customers with the same quality products and services we provide all of our current customers.

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