Residential Video Service

Expanded Basic

Over 180 channels available

Lifeline Basic

Over 30 channels available

Expanded Basic CATV

40 channels available (not available in Fertile)

Expanded Basic CATV Fertile

Over 45 channels available (Fertile only)

All GVTV video packages include school and local content channels. Prices effective February 1, 2018.

Additional TV Services


This powerful DVR service allows you access to all your favorite recorded shows, on any TV in your home. From a single DVR, you can record a show in the living room and watch it from the TV in the bedroom.


Channel Lineup

Enjoy your favorite programs in remarkable HD picture quality. Garden Valley offers over 100 high quality HD channels available with Expanded Basic programming.

Restart TV Instructions

Running a little late and missed the beginning of your show – RESTART TV. This free service allows you to restart a show already in progress from the beginning, as well as pause, fast forward and rewind while watching the show.

Please note: Once the program has ended Restart TV is no longer available for that program.

Garden Valley offers you Pay-Per-View (PPV) events, such as HBO Boxing, Showtime Boxing, and UFC. In addition to live events, view tape-delayed/taped content such as concerts, sports specials, stand-up comedy and other programs. Available on channels 951, and 1951 HD. All shows aired may not be suited for all viewers. Activate today, call 800-448-8260.

TV Service options: Graphic of a film strop with logos of Stars Encore, ShowTime, HBO and Cinemax

Channel Lineup

  • Sports & Variety Package – $7.00/mo. when bundled
  • Hispanic Package – $5.95/mo.
  • Showtime/TMC – $17.00/mo.
  • Starz/Encore – $13.25/mo.
  • HBO – $17.00/mo.
  • Cinemax – $12.00/mo.
  • HBO & Cinemax- $25.50/mo.

Free basic installation with a 2-yr commitment (up to 3 TVs, one location – prior credit approval required)

STB w/o DVR with Picture-in-Picture (primary)$1.00/mo.
STB w/o DVR with Picture-in-Picture (additional)$5.00/mo.
Amino Live DVR STB (primary and/or additional)$8.00/mo.
Ultimate cDVR (3 stream 250 GB)$6.00/mo.
Ultimate Plus cDVR (6 stream 500 GB)$8.00/mo.
Ultimate Plus II cDVR (8 stream 1 TB)$10.00/mo.
HDMI Cable$20.00/each
Remote Control (IR)$20.00/each


Build your own bundle

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