Service Connection Charges

This service order charge applies to all customers who are ordering a new telephone service or changing their number.

This service charge applies to all telephone customers who are ordering service changes. It applies to all service order activity other than new installations, new locations, adding voice messaging services or calling features.

This charge is for work done at the Garden Valley central office and/or along the distribution line between the Telephone Company central office and up to and including the station protector.

These charges apply to the installation of additional buried cable to separate buildings on the same premise. The construction required for other installations, such as multi-line installations, would be charged based on the actual facilities and construction required.

This charge applies each time the customer requests a change made to a different long distance carrier.

  • Surface Wiring: Charges apply to each individual run of inside wire from the protector or junction point within the house to each individual location within the premise.
  • Concealed Wiring: Charges apply if the customer requests the wire to be installed within a wall, ceiling or any other concealed area.
  • Prewire: Charges apply whenever a customer requests to have new construction wired for telephone prior to insulating and finishing the walls.

A trip charge applies whenever a customer requests service work on their phone service, such as wire installation, telephone jack installation and telephone installations, or any changes beyond the protector (demarcation point) within the premise.

This charge applies to the cost of each individual telephone jack and the installation of each telephone jack.

This service provides the customer with the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that if a problem occurs with their telephone service, Garden Valley will identify the problem free of charge even if the problem is caused by sub-owned equipment. (See GV Telephone Directory for additional details.)

Note: A security deposit may also be required to establish service with Garden Valley. The deposit will be returned after 12 months of good payment history.

Please call 1-800-448-8260 for current rates.