Directory Assistance

Provided by Garden Valley

Dial 411. (A 50¢ charge applies for each call. Additional charges would apply for call completion by Directory Assistance Operator.) 411 calls may be restricted if you have toll restriction on your line.

Provided by your Selected Carrier

Dial 1 + the Area Code for the place you wish to call + 555-1212. See your GV directory for area codes. (Contact your selected carrier for rate information.) Dial 1-800-555-1212.

Persons whose handicaps prevent them from using the telephone directory may be eligible for free Directory Assistance calls. An application form may be requested by calling 1-218-687-5251 or 1-800-448-8260.

Provided by AT&T

Dial 1010 + 288 + 0. Press “1” at recording, when operator answers, ask for International Directory Assistance. The charge for Directory Assistance will be billed to the number you’re calling from. Provided by other Long Distance Carriers: Contact your Long Distance Provider. Note: Rates are subject to change.

If Garden Valley is informed that a customer received incorrect Directory Assistance information for which a fee was charged, Garden Valley will issue an immediate credit to the customer’s account.

In order to receive credit:

  • You must call the same dialing pattern when requesting credit. Example: If you dialed 411 for your Directory Assistance, you must dial that same number to request the credit. This will ensure that the proper provider is issuing the credit. You will also need to provide what listing was incorrect so we may update our listings.
  • You may request up to three credits each time you call.