GVT is proud to donate $10,000 to local food shelves

The Garden Valley Technologies Board of Directors recently approved donating $1,000 to 10 local food shelves throughout the GVT service area. This decision reflects our commitment to supporting those in need and giving back to the community that has been an integral part of our cooperative’s success.  Throughout 2023, GVT will have donated over $10,900 […]

119th Annual Meeting Information

Garden Valley Technologies (GVT) will hold its 119th Annual Membership Meeting in-person at the Win-E-Mac School in Erskine, MN and viewable to members through GVT Local Channels, on June 4, 2024, beginning at 10:30am. During the 118th Annual Membership Meeting, members unanimously approved proposed amendments to the Cooperative’s By-Laws. There are more options regarding the […]

Garden Valley Technologies Announces Discounted Capital Credit Buyout Program

The Garden Valley Technologies Board of Directors has approved a Discounted Capital Credit Buyout Program. For the first time in its history, GVT members can choose to receive a lump sum payout of their capital credit balance for the years 2002-2022 at a 50% discounted value. For example, if a member has a $2,000 capital […]

Free, High-Speed Public Wi-Fi at the Marshall County Fair

Garden Valley Technologies, a local Internet service provider who recently expanded into Warren, has been supplying the Marshall County Fairground’s Internet service since last year. Recently, the connectivity needs of the fair have expanded to include electronic ticketing for admission and events, vendors conducting credit card sales transactions, increased software needs, and more. As a […]

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