Hourly Services

Hourly Services as Needed

GVT offers a full range of IT products and services that spans throughout the entire IT spectrum and not just one specific area. This ensures that all aspects of our customer’s IT needs are addressed. GVT’s on demand service offerings are designed to be flexible so that we can customize to suit your particular IT needs without breaking the bank. All of our services are available on an as-needed or on-demand basis.

Breaking the ‘Break Fix’ Approach

On demand services or hourly services are commonly referred to as the “Break Fix” approach to managing IT. Unfortunately, companies all too often wait until a device on the network goes down or breaks before funds are targeted for maintenance. This reactionary approach creates larger costs associated with replacing, repairing, or even recovering systems on the network because of little or no preventative maintenance. This approach also creates a great deal of sudden and unexpected costs that strain cash flow and slow productivity to a halt while systems and employees experience down time. In many cases, a minimal yet consistent proactive approach can identify issues or warning signs in enough time to avoid or mitigate down time.

Managed Services Approach

Break the “Break Fix” approach with a highly customizable, full-service IT plan that proactively manages your business’ evolving needs.  From basic help desk support when there is a minor problem to all-inclusive network management, we will help you customize a plan that is designed for the specific needs of your growing business. Choose from a flexible list of services and we will bundle your plan into a predictable monthly cost.