Managed Wi-Fi Service

Managed Wi-Fi Service

Take a moment and think of the number of wireless devices being used by family members or employees within your company. GVT has Ultimate or Basic Managed Wi-Fi service to control and maintain your devices.

GVT Managed Wi-Fi service will provide you networking, installation, hardware, and monitoring for all your devices.

What are the benefits of Managed Wireless Service?

Secure Network and Cost Effective
We maintain and update the service for you, leaving no upfront cost or equipment to replace.
Firmware updates performed on a regular basis for an added measure of safety.

Guest Network Option
Add a guest network to keep your personal and visitor usage separate.

Local Technical Support
We are available 24/7, either on the phone, by chat via our website or we will make a home visit when needed to help you with any questions or problems.

Wi-Fi Coverage
Using the 2.4 Ghz (802.11n) and 5 Ghz (802.11ac) Wi-Fi allows for better coverage of the homes with faster speeds to your wireless devices than a standard router. Plus, one of our skilled technicians will configure your Wi-Fi making sure it is installed properly.

Garden Valley provides the latest digital fiber network for dependable service.
We will not access your personal information at any time.

Basic Managed Wi-Fi $4.95/mo.

24/7 Network Support
Reliable, Secure Network
No Equipment to replace or maintain
Access to GVT WiFi App

Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi $12.95/mo.

(Includes features of Basic Managed Wi-Fi, Cyber Security, Enhanced Parental Controls)

Added Features
• Set time limits for Internet access per individual
• Block inappropriate content and specific applications
• Test the speed of your network
• Personalize SSID and password for Wi-Fi Content filters
• Virus protection
• Malware prevention
• Intrusion prevention
• Firmware updates

Download the GVT WiFi App today!

GVT’s Managed Wi-Fi service can provide you with enhanced parental controls, password protection, a guest network, and the ability to view your devices on the GVT WiFi app.
Available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android devices.



Managed Wi-Fi Service Extender $3.00/mo.

This service is used in conjunction to the Managed Wi-Fi Services for subscribers who need to cover a large area, such as a shop or large building.

Managed Wi-Fi services are available in conjunction with Internet service and requires a GigaSpire router.