Internet FAQs

Internet Questions and Answers

Do I need a phone line for Internet service?

No, GVT offers Internet service with or without a phone line. Current pricing with or without a telephone line is available on GVT’s bundle builder page located on our website.


How much bandwidth is enough?

The amount of speed or bandwidth you need will vary widely depending on the number of people in your household, number of users at the same time, intended activities, and the number of devices connected to the Internet. The bandwidth you subscribe to is shared among all devices on your connection. Online gaming, downloads and video streaming tends to use the most bandwidth, so whatever you decide be sure to choose enough bandwidth to make everyone happy, including guests. Current speeds and rates can be found on GVT’s website at


What is latency:

Latency refers to the “lag” on your connection. When you visit a website, all the data you see has to travel from a remote server to your computer or device. The amount of time it takes the request for that data to leave your home, reach the server, and start returning data is called latency.


Are there limits to how much data I can use?

No, GVT’s Internet service offers unlimited data (no data caps).


Am I required to sign a commitment?

No, a commitment is not required when the installation fee is paid upfront; GVT does offer a free basic installation, to one location, with a 6-month commitment.


Do you provide support for your Internet service?

Yes, GVT provides 24/7 customer support, by calling our office at 877-546-7495. GVT also offers Managed Wi-Fi service, for an additional monthly rate, which allows GVT to remotely troubleshoot and improve network performance without having to come to your home. Managed Wi-Fi service replaces your router and ensures you have the latest technology available for the fastest speeds and best Wi-Fi Internet experience.


How much will it cost for the installation?

GVT offers a free basic installation, to one location, with a  6-month service commitment for qualifying customers. If Internet service is disconnected from the service location within 6-months of the initial service date, a prorated early termination fee of $30 for each month remaining in the commitment will be charged (may be up to $180). If you do not sign a commitment for a free basic install, a one-time basic install fee of $180.00 will be charged.


Does GVT need to install the Internet service at my location?

Yes, a GVT technician will install the service at your location, make sure it is working properly, and answer your questions.


Can I put my Internet service on suspend while I travel?

Yes, Internet service may be suspended. A $39.95 suspend fee will be charged for suspending Internet service, but there is no charge to reconnect. If the Internet service is suspended for more than 6 months, a $4.50 suspend fee will be charged for each month beyond 6 months.


Can I change my package speed after I have signed up for service?

Yes, you can upgrade your services to a higher package any time without any service fees. If you downgrade your speed, a one-time $10 downgrade fee will be charged to your account.


Do you offer any free Internet service?

No. GVT currently has promotional offers for free basic installation and free managed Wi-Fi service up to 3 months for qualifying customers.


How do I know if I can get speeds up to 1 Gbps?

Everyone that is on GVT’s fiber-to-the-home network can subscribe to speeds up to 1 Gbps. Even though you are on GVT’s fiber-to-the-home network, speeds may vary due to your equipment and your distance from that equipment. Please note: because of today’s wireless technology you will never get the fastest speeds available when using Wi-Fi.


Why doesn’t my speed test confirm I am getting the full 1 Gbps speed that I am paying for?

There are various reasons why you are not able to test the full 1 Gbps speed. There is inherent overhead involved when transporting Internet which is generally 10 to 15% of the speed you subscribe to. GVT is able to over provision for our 50/50 Mbps and 250/250 Mbps Internet plans, which allows you to test out at full speed. However, we currently are not able to over provision the 1 Gbps speed.

Additional reasons could be customer-end equipment or the speed test sites that may be incapable of performing at Gbps speeds, as this is an evolving technology.

To obtain the fastest speed possible when subscribing to 1 Gbps service, you need to be plugged into GVT’s ONT with an ethernet cable. At this time, Wi-Fi technology is not able to test at 1 Gbps speed. When testing a customer-owned router, wireless technology and the age of the router may also affect speed test results.


What are the Wi-Fi technologies available?

There are many different Wi-Fi technologies available and are dependent on the Wi-Fi router ability and the technology you are using, below are the technologies and capabilities of each wireless technology.






The speeds of the device are affected by many different items such as; what wireless technology is used, distance from the Wi-Fi router, obstructions (such as walls in the house), and the users device capabilities.


How does fiber-to-the-home affect my Internet speed compared to copper?

Fiber-to-the-home is the latest technology available and is able to transport more data and offer higher symmetrical bandwidth than copper. Fiber-to-the-home technology also has the ability to provide multiple services over the same fiber optic connection without affecting the performance of any other services. Gigabit speeds are mostly unavailable on copper and will cause speeds to vary depending on the number of services you subscribe to, such as GVTV. When subscribing to Internet, and served by copper, a modem is required and unable to perform at fiber-to-the-home speeds.


Do I need a Wi-Fi router with fiber-to-the-home Internet service?

No, with fiber to the home equipment you will be provided one wired Ethernet connection. However, if you would like to connect multiple devices wired or wireless a router or switch will be required. When needing a connection for multiple wired or wireless devices GVT offers a managed wireless service to connect multiple wireless devices.


When will I get fiber-to-the-home?

Listed below is the estimated timeframe for the cities waiting to be cutover to the fiber network.

2019/2020 Maple Lake area, City of Erskine

2020/2021 Cities of Clearbrook, Oklee and Gonvick

2021/2022 Cities of Goodridge, Grygla and the Union Lake area

2022/2023 City of Plummer and the Island Lake area


How do I know if I am served on copper or fiber-to-the-home?

GVT currently serves all exchanges with fiber-to-the home with the exception of the following the cities: Erskine, Clearbrook, Gonvick, Goodridge, Grygla, Oklee, Plummer, and the following lakes: Union Lake, Island Lake, and Maple Lake. If you live within one of these cities or lakes/areas, please contact GVT’s customer service to see of you are served by fiber.


What are my options to get faster Internet speeds if I am served on copper?

The speed to your location is limited by distance and/or equipment when on copper. To optimize your Internet speed hardwiring your device with an ethernet cable to the modem will ensure you are receiving the fastest speed that the device can handle. If your devices are unable to be hardwired, it is important to ensure you have a modem and router that is up-to-date, functioning correctly, and able to handle the speed you subscribe to.

GVT customers on copper, who have an ADSL modem, may be able to increase their existing Internet speed by leasing a VDSL modem at a monthly rate of $3.50 plus time and materials for the installation . Please contact GVT if you are looking for faster speeds as we may be able to provide other options.