GV School & Local Content Channels

Garden Valley Technologies is excited to announce a partnership with the area schools to broadcast school and community events on a GVTV local content channel dedicated solely to each school. The local content channel can be found on the GVTV television system on Channels 30 – 38, which are now available to GVTV subscribers.

As part of this partnership, GVT provided the equipment and training needed by students to broadcast their events. This is a wonderful training opportunity for students to learn the art of broadcasting, and is a unique opportunity for all GVTV subscribers to view local events. Stay tuned as additional local school and content channels become available.

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Garden Valley’s local channel is a wonderful option!

Garden Valley’s local channel is a wonderful option… love that you guys have it! And a great opportunity for students to learn as well!
Thank you!!

Becky E.

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