Charged / Supercharged Plans

Available for Individuals or Group Lines

Charged Unlimited
1 Line$80/mo./per line
2 Lines$70/mo./per line
3 Lines$55/mo./per line
4-10 Lines$45/mo./per line
MiFi/Tablet Data Access$20/mo./per line
Supercharged Unlimited
1 Line$90/mo./per line
2 Lines$85/mo./per line
3 Lines$65/mo./per line
4-10 Lines$55/mo./per line
MiFi/Tablet Data Access$30/mo./per line
Data Spec ComparisonCharged UnlimitedSupercharged Unlimited
Video ResolutionDVD Quality (480p)HD Quality (720p)
High Speed Data Up To15 GB Per Line22 GB Per Line
Speeds will be reduced on line basis once reached
Throttle Speed Reduced To64 kbps64 kbps
Mobile Hotspot600 kbps15 GB 4G LTE


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