Individual Cell Phone Plans

  • Individual Plans are available with the Extra Installment Device Program or when you bring in your own 4G phone.
  • Above examples of data usages are suggestions only, customer use will vary. Restrictions Apply.

Individual 4G Talk & Text Cell Phone Plans

3003000 MB$25.00
  • Plan listed above is only available with a none data phone (LG Exalt).
  • The 300 Talk & Text with 0 MB of data is an anytime minute plan and does not offer mobile to mobile accessVoice overage rate will be $.45 per minute, and message overage rate will be $.15 per message.
  • Unlimited Talk/Text with 1GB or 3GB of data usage, your overage charges are assessed in 1GB increments at a rate of $15/GB
  • Unlimited Individual Plan data usage is reduced after 22GB/mo. at the individual line to manage network congestion needs. Mobile Hotspot Devices are reduced to 3G speeds after 10GB/mo.