Board of Directors

Garden Valley Telephone Company Board of Directors

FRONT: President Jerry Freitag, Vice President Byron Ness, Secretary Arlene Novak, Treasurer James Ferden BACK: Directors Ron Kiesow, Allen Paulson, Casey Holland, Larry Djernes, Lee Hoaas
DistrictDirectorExchanges Represented
1Byron Ness, Fertile - PresidentBeltrami, Fertile, Maple Bay
3Arlene Novak, St. Hilaire - Vice PresidentRed Lake Falls, St. Hilaire
4James Ferden, McIntosh - SecretaryBejou, McIntosh, Winger
7Allen Paulson, Shevlin - TreasurerBagley, Minerva, Shevlin
9Ron Kiesow, Goodridge - DirectorGatzke, Goodridge, Grygla, Thief River Falls
6Larry Djernes, Clearbrook - DirectorClearbrook, Gonvick, Leonard
2Lee Hoaas, Erskine - DirectorBrooks, Erskine, Mentor
5Casey Holland, Fosston - DirectorFosston, Lengby
8Jerry Freitag, Plummer - DirectorGully, Oklee, Plummer

Board Election Process

Have you ever wondered how Directors are elected to Garden Valley’s Board of Directors? Hopefully this information will help you understand. First of all, these are the qualifications you must meet to be eligible to be a director:

  • Must be a resident of the district.
  • Must receive service from the Cooperative at his or her residence.
  • Must NOT be a Garden Valley Employee, a former Garden Valley Employee, or be employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise.

The entire election process is handled during the annual membership meeting. If you are a member from any of the districts with an election taking place that particular year, you may participate in your district caucus meeting held during a recess at the annual meeting. During each district caucus, a caucus chairman is chosen, nominations are called for, and a list of nominees is provided by the caucus chairman when the Board President calls the annual meeting back to order. Once the annual meeting has been called back to order, nominations will also be called for from the floor for the Districts up for election. All nominees, those nominated from the district caucuses and from the floor, are given an opportunity to address the membership before the ballots are cast, collected and counted. Members in attendance from all districts may vote for one person per district. The winner for each district is the one with the majority votes. “We hope you will participate in the elections.”