Capital Patronage

Unclaimed Patronage

One of the benefits of being a Garden Valley Telephone Company member is patronage checks. Unfortunately, checks are sometimes unclaimed. A list of of members who have unclaimed patronage checks are generally posted in Garden Valley’s December Voice of the Valley newsletter.
View unclaimed checks.

Estate Settlements

The Cooperative’s present policy provides that authorized representatives of the estates of deceased Garden Valley patrons may apply for the retirement and payment of capital credits.

Capital Credits

Garden Valley is a cooperative, owned by its members. As a cooperative, a percentage of the margins are allocated to each member of the cooperative who bought services from Garden Valley Telephone Company during the year they were earned.

Each member’s annual credit allocation is accumulated and totaled over the period of time that the member continues to receive service.

Garden Valley members have now received payments for their capital credits in the cooperative totaling more than $23-million over the last 15 years. These payments are not dividends for tax purposes because they are a return of contributed capital.