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Something for everyone and every budget!

Plus your choice...

Up to 2 FREE Gigs of data for life
3 months FREE smartphone access per line.

Restrictions apply.

4G LTE Simple Shared Plans
(Individual or Family)












  *Certain restrictions apply.

$20/mo. Smartphone access line/per phone


Device Installment Program
Promo prices r
eflect the first 12 months of a 24 month installment plan.
Rates subject to change. Limited time offer.

iPhone 6S - 128GB $32.21


iPhone 7 - 128GB $35.13 $9.99/mo.
Galaxy S5 - 16GB $15.99 $15.99/mo.
Galaxy S6 - 64GB $28.70 $9.99/mo.
Galaxy S7 - 32GB $28.00 $9.99/mo.
Galaxy S7 Edge - 32GB $33.00 $9.99/mo.
Droid Turbo 2 - 32GB $26.00 $9.99/mo.
Motorola Moto G4 - 16GB $15.99 $4.99/mo.
iPhone SE - 64GB $20.79 $4.99/mo.


Simple Shared Plans are available with the EXTRA Installment Device Program or when you bring in your own 4G phone. Ask a GV Representative for details.

Add a sub owned tablet to your current data package for only $10/month.




Experience our wireless service like never before.

  • Quality 4G LTE Network & Enhanced Nationwide Coverage
  • Simple & Affordable
  • Nationwide 4G LTE Rate Plans
  • Local Customer Service
Individual Plans

All Together Shared Plans


Individual Plans have a one-time activation Fee of $35.00 per activation.
All Together Share Plan one-time activation fee:
$35 for the first line, $25 for each companion line, per activation.
Text plans include text and picture messages. Data packages are no longer required to send pictures.
Data overage charges are assessed in 1 GB increments at a rate of $15/GB

Cellular Phones Available
Setting up your smartphone email:
For iPhone
For Android Devices
Data Use Calculator
This calculator will help you convert your KB to GB, so that you can track your data usage. Data overage is accessed in 1 GB increments and will increase by $15 for each GB you exceed. At the beginning of each new bill cycle your account will automatically return to the data package you selected.
Cellular Calling Features & Instructions
Cellular Terms & Conditions
Hearing Aid Compatible
Mobile Internet Service Policy
Rates subject to change 7.14.15

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