4G LTE Simple Shared Plans

The Simple Shared cell phone plans are available for family or individual use and include unlimited talk, unlimited messaging, and shared data. Access fees of $20 per month, per line are in addition to the monthly rate. Unlimited companion lines are available under the Shared 4G plans.

*Certain restrictions apply.

  • Access fees of $20 per month, per line are in addition to the monthly rate.
  • Simple Shared Plan one-time activation fee: $35 for the first line, $25 for each companion line, per activation.
  • Data overage charges are assessed in 1GB increments at a rate of $15/GB.
  • Unlimited Shared plan can activate up to 10 lines per account.
  • Unlimited Shared plans are reduced to 3G speeds after 10GB/mo. and at individual line usage after 22GB monthly to manage network congestion need.


$20/mo. Smartphone access line/per phone


Device Installment Program

Promo prices are for the first 12 months of a 24 month commitment. Rates subject to change. Limited time offer. All simple shared cell phone plans include unlimited talk, messaging & shared data.

DeviceRegular PricePromo Price
iPhone 6S - 64GB$31.24/mo.$9.99/mo.
iPhone 6S - 128GB$32.21/mo.$9.99/mo.
iPhone 7 - 32GB$30.96/mo.$9.99/mo.
iPhone 7 - 128GB$35.13/mo.$9.99/mo.
Galaxy S5$15.99/mo.
Galaxy S6 - 64GB$28.70/mo.$9.99/mo.
Galaxy S7 - 32GB$28.00/mo.$9.99/mo.
Galaxy S7 Edge - 32GB$33.00/mo.$9.99/mo.
Droid Turbo 2 - 32GB$26.00/mo.$9.99/mo.
Motorola Moto G4 - 16GB$15.99/mo.$4.99/mo.
iPhone SE - 64GB$20.79/mo.$4.99/mo.

Simple Shared cell phone plans are available with the EXTRA Installment Device Program or when you bring in your own 4G phone. Device pricing is on a monthly basis for 24 months. Ask a GV Representative for details. Rates are subject to change.

Add a sub-owned tablet to your current data package for only $10/month.

Data Use Calculator

The calculator below will help you convert your KB to GB, so that you can track your data usage. Data overage is accessed in 1 GB increments and will increase by $15 for each GB you exceed. At the beginning of each new bill cycle your account will automatically return to the data package you selected.